White Sheepskin Rug

Wool Cottage LTD

Very soft lambs fleece, 5cm/2in long fleece. A fully natural product, use as a luxurious seat cover or a warm and toasty rug. Available in 3 sizes.

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Available in 3 sizes:

Size Large means that it is minimum 60-65cm width and 110cm length from the head to the leg.
Size XLarge means that it is minimum 65-70cm width and 118cm length from the head to the leg.
Size 2XLarge means that it is minimum 65-70cm width and 125cm length from the head to the leg.

A sheepskin is a natural product and may have slight differences in colour and natural smell.

Looking after of your sheepskin:

To keep your sheepskin smelling fresh let it hang on the washing line for an hour on a nice blowy day. A carpet beater is useful to help remove the dust and any particles lodged in the fleece.
Do it regularly and your fleece will stay as fresh as a daisy.

After a while, natural fleeces tend to get a bit matted and looking like a Rastafarians hair do. Use a wire comb or dog brush with soft ends to the tines so as not to damage the skin, brush using short motions starting at the outside and work your way to the middle. Repeat this as regularly as you can and your fleece will last and look better for it. For best results, every week is recommended.

Everyday stains can be removed with a damp cloth or a wet wipe. Do it as soon as possible to prevent stains soaking in. Water will not harm the wool of the fleece, but can affect the leather. Don't be afraid to use water to clean the stain, but try not to wet the leather more than necessary.


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