Warm Wool Slippers


This is 100% natural product made of pure wool come from European sheep. Soft and not itchy. The sole is made of soft suede what let you avoid to slip. 

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As wool is a breathable fabric the warm is perfectly kept. Two layers of wool form an insulating "airbag". Your feet will never be overheated and you may use those slippers all seasons. Wool slippers are very comfortable and are perfect for your resting time. Ideal when you're watching TV, reading a book or working with a computer. 

Wool has a lot of health benefits and they are suitable for everyone especially for elderly, people with blood circulations problems and with cold feet syndrome. If you live in a bit cold and damp flat or cottage or just evenings in your country is not warm enough, slippers made of wool are an ideal solution for your feet. 

This product is both light and durable. It's very flexible as well. You can put in and take off your slippers very easy. Not itchy.

UK sizes from 3 to 12 are available. Our slippers are suitable for every type of feet. However, if your feet are wider please consider taking a bigger size. Don't worry, if a size you had isn't proper for you, we promise to change slippers without any problem at all.

You may wash your slippers in a washing machine - please use a program for wool products.


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