Nature that can surprise you. Surprised that makes you happy?

We are a family business that moved to the UK from Poland in 2012 and settled down in Somerset.

With a background in sales and connections to the manufacture of traditional hand-made baskets from Poland, we started to import baskets to UK in 2013 under the brand Basket Stock.

​Very often our customers have asked us about other traditional products from Poland and we
decided to have a trip to explore small villages and towns to find unique and unusual things.

​Finally we started building absolutelly different business and it was amazing. We found a lot of beautiful and natural products coming from Polish Tatra mountains and the Podhale region. Under the influence of the products that we have discovered during our trip we created a new brand Wool Cottage LTD.

As well as traditional whole lamb's fleeces we also offer our customers unusual woven rugs, absolutely amazing rugs from Icelandic long-hair sheep, very soft and light throws of Tuscan sheep, wool blankets and beddings and much, much more...